Friday, May 11, 2007

Plugin I Cannot Live Without

The Enhanced Rails Migrations plugin was written to end the constant battle we had with clashing names in db migrations within our large development team. We tried everything: special commit policies, rake tasks, even claiming the next migration number in subversion. Nothing worked and CI server was sending 'broken build due to conflicting migration number' messages almost daily. Since the plugin was introduced to all our rails applications around six months ago, I have not heard of a single case of conflicting migrations. Seemingly, the goal was well accomplished.

What I found over time, is that the plugin is not only useful for large projects. Any rails development effort with more than one programmer involved benefits from using it. If you ever had to renumber your new migration after doing svn up you know what I am talking about. It makes sense to install this plugin as the very first one in your project since an amount of migrations at the beginning tends to grow much faster then later in the game.

The plugin works for rails versions 1.1.6 up to the latest edge. When you start your next project with multiple developers, use it and you should be able to forget that you ever had problems with clashing migrations.


Unknown said...

hear hear! great plugin.

Though I had to introduce a modifications for the more paranoid - appending applied migration filename to a db/migrations/history.txt file.

Defeating as it seems, this helped allay fears of merging branches: some people are people are just more comfortable knowing they'll need to resolve *some* conflict (in this case, just history.txt)

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