Monday, April 23, 2007



Wikipedia pastebin definition:

A Pastebin, Also known as a nopaste, is a web application which allows its users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing. It is very popular in IRC channels where pasting large texts is considered bad etiquette.


We created this project because we needed a pastebin for internal usage. Being a rails shop, we wanted one any developer could enhance. We looked around for rails-based pastebins and even though there is a great Attachr available, we could not find anything to install internally. Since pastebins are trivial, we just implemented our own in no time, thanks to Rails and CodeRay. It is very basic but it works fine for us so we decided to release it.


Code highlights for Ruby, RHTML, HTML, Plaintext, and C. The list of supported languages is likely to grow.

An optional irc notification (controlled by config/irc.yml)


rpastebin uses the coderay gem for syntax highlighting. The latest version can be installed via gem install coderay -rs

The IRC client needs the Ruby-IRC gem.

The rails code is 1.2.3 so if you have to stay on 1.1.6 (as we are), just rake rails:freeze:edge in the project directory.

The search feature utilizes fulltext so it is only compatible with the MySQL MyISAM engine.



Distributed under MIT License

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