Friday, May 25, 2007

Ruby-esque JMX

The topic of JMX on JRuby came up recently and I decided to play around. I found a great starter on Jeff Mesnil's blog, but I decided I hated the syntax.

Ruby has spoiled me. ActiveRecord has spoiled me.

So I cooked up this little (fully working) example:

#Find all the MBeans matching some object name
mbeans = JMX::MBean.find_all_by_name("cacheStatistics:*")

mbeans.each do |bean|
puts "#{} "

#Either use methods on the bean object
puts " - CacheHits: #{bean.CacheHits}"

#Or access the attributes hash.
puts " - CacheMisses: #{bean.attributes["CacheHits"]}"

The code is ~50lines which I'll post at some point.

I never thought working with java objects could be made to "feel" nice.

I was also chatting with "headius" on #jruby, and he mentioned that Rob Harrop, of Spring fame, had a talk at JavaOne about about something similar called MScript. I'd love to get my hands on those slides.

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