Thursday, April 19, 2007

RevolutionHealth Officially Launched!

Its been 3 months since we launched our preview site, and today I am proud to say we've launched the new and improved RevolutionHealth!

I look forward to our folks sharing some of the details behind our products in the near future.

Also, a big thank to the rails community. There is no way we could have done this without Rails, the community, and all the great plugins/blogs/articles out there.

Aside from a full redesign, we have some great new products such as:

KnowYourRisk - "Give us 10 minutes, we'll give you 10 years": A state-of-the-art assessment pioneered by BioSignia. In just 10 minutes, by confidentially entering basic health information, the KnowYourRisk(TM) proprietary program can calculate a user's risk of contracting one of the nine most common diseases – and can provide personalized information on actions to help reduce that risk and live longer.

Medicine Chest - A tool to find drugs and treatments, as well as rate and share your experience with others. This service is in its infancy, but our philosophy is that if millions of people participate, it will emerge as a useful tool for people as they consider their treatment options.

Revolution Pages - Now people can create and customize their own health pages, including their top-rated articles, tools and resources, as well as photos and personal stories. This sophisticated self-publishing capability encompasses Web 2.0's promise of creating customized health content: patients and families dealing with health issues can share the benefit of their experiences with others -- and learn from others, too. See some examples: Sneezing, Type II Diabetes, or Bad Knees.

These are along with many of the awesome products we launched in late January.

Thank you!

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