Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rails Application on Good Morning America

Our portal will be showcased tomorrow on Good Morning America (2/8/07 8am EST).

Here's to Rails and to the entire community for helping us get here.

Let the train keep rolling!


Anonymous said...

The segment has been posted on youtube:

Brian Ketelsen said...

Congratulations on the great publicity.

stevefram said...

Thanks for sharing your real-life experiences with Rails. And congrats -- revolutionhealth is quite good; I have used it to help me take care of my mom.

The GMA posting led me to wonder about your your experience with scale.

There's been a lot of discussion about scalability and rails. I'm a technical person, but to use rails in a production environment, I need to be able to make a good business case that it can work serving at high load.

In all my research, I can't identify a dynamic (personalized, interactive) web property that is in the Alexa top 500, or that serves more than 70,000 visits in a peak hour.

So, I'm wondering:
- How has scalability been for your team?
- What sort of traffic did the GMA show drive? Did it push you into the 'big' range (70k visits/hr)
- Have you had to do any heroics to scale rails? By heroics, I mean have you had to work harder at it than people running in a PHP or Java environment?

Maybe we can put this scaling issue to bed!